Base Hospital and Eye Outreach Works...

Our daily work runs in the 50 bedded Velemegna eye hospital a unit of Velemegna good news society (Dr Salins Eye Hospital) in the heart of Bidar. From this base we conduct all our other operations and programs. Our hospital is a NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals) accredited Eye Hospital 2017. 

We conduct Free Eye Camps in and around the Bidar district regularly, through our 10 vision centres. These eye camps are a vital part of the continuing work of Velemegna, for the relatively simple surgery restores sight to thousands of people who would otherwise be severely limited in their ability to earn a modest living. We also provide school eye screenings and approximately 15,000 patients are screened through our vision centres. Out of which 1500 – 2000 undergo free eye surgeries. We perform around 3500 – 4000 surgeries every year. annually in the hospital. In addition to this, around of 25,000 patients are screened in the base hospital. 50% of these services are done free of cost.

Our endeavour is to make Dr. Salins Eye Hospital a hospital of excellence by using the most advanced equipment and techniques in eye care. Within our hospital there is a pharmacy and opticians to cater for general eye health.

Vision Centers:

We have 10 vision centres –

– Aurad

– Manna-E-Khelli

– Chincholi

– Chituguppa

– Zaheerabad

– Santpur

– Bhalki

– Basavakalayan

– Sulepeth

– Humnabad

We do school screening in various schools in & around Bidar.

We do special school screenings (screening of Blind school children, differently abled children etc) and provide LOW VISION services.

Community Outreach - New Initiatives

In addition to the Vocational Training program and the Nav Jeevan Children’s Home, Velemegna has several new initiatives we hope will benefit the residents of NJLC.

In 2010, we started four self-help groups at NJLC and also formed a Cooperative Society so that both Velemegna and NJLC residents jointly contribute to maintain the village (street lights, watchman, garden, repairs etc.)

We support 20 social workers who help us in our eye work, social programs like school eye screening, breast cancer awareness program and other survey work. They motivate patients to come for eye surgery and also guide the people in the community through counselling.

Bsc Optometry College

In 2015 we started the B.sc Optometry course in affiliation with Rajeev Gandhi university if health sciences, Bangalore. http://www.ssalinscollegeofoptometry.co.in/

Leprosy Work

An important element of our ministry at Velemegna is caring for people with leprosy – a medical condition which, though serious, has for far too long, and in some cases unnecessarily, isolated sufferers from normal human contact. Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease) decreases the patients’ sense of touch which often means they are not “alerted” to dangers such as fire or sharp objects. This lack of awareness can result in the mutilation of fingers and toes, causing disfigurements. In the past, certain types of leprosy were highly contagious. Today, thanks to medical advancements, sufferers – though manifesting signs of their illness – are able to form friendships and loving relationships with non-afflicted people without fear of harming them. People with Hansen’s Disease can marry, give birth to, and raise, normal, healthy children.

For the past few years, Velemegna has worked to improve the living conditions of families residing in the leprosy colony of Chatnalli. From the start, and for more than three decades, our approach has been holistic. We want those we serve to be free from the stigma of leprosy, to stop begging for a living, and to be empowered spiritually and physically as well as financially. We continue to fight for their dignity, human rights and the highest quality of life that is possible.

Spiritual Nurturing

Spiritual nurturing is the main core value of Velemegna good news society since its inception in 1968. Joseph is the chaplain in Velemegna eye hospital  (Dr. Salins Eye hospital) and nurtures the staff and patients spiritually. In addition we support 7 social workers financially to run their community centres.

Our ongoing activities – including the education of the children – have shown remarkable progress in all areas. Even if progress is slow and painstaking, our sincere hope is to see this trend continue Sewing and tailoring skills provide a means for the women of NJLC to support themselves and their families. In 2010 we distributed seven sewing machines to those who had completed their training. Seven new women are currently being trained in sewing and tailoring. In the next few years the families of these leprosy patients who are healthy should be integrated into normal society. Our ongoing activities – including the education of the children – have shown remarkable progress in all areas. Even if progress is slow and painstaking, our sincere hope is to see this trend continue.

Medical care

Farm development

Care of elderly: “womb to tomb” ministry

Navjeevan Children’s Home

Navjeevan Children’s Home was established in 2008 by Dr. Sybil Salins. She came to know that the children were begging and not going to school; they were not getting proper nutrition and lived in un-healthy atmosphere. Then she felt so sad and realizing about her parent’s vision and future of the residents of leprosy people and children.


Then she decided to educate the children of leprosy patients with the aim to provide care, support and protection. These children – Orphans

  • Single Parents
  • Destitute
  • HIV affected
  • Handicapped and others.


Our children`s Home Reg No.KA040005V514. There are 41 children at present, all of whom go to school and live in a healthy environment.


This home has two care takers, one teacher 1 warden, 2 cooks and 1 driver. A doctor conducts health check-up for these children and we provide medicines.  All the children are provided 3 time’s nutritious food, one set of books and 2 sets of uniforms and other casual clothes and under garments.  Every child has the opportunity for indoor and out-door recreation and play facilities along with training in crafts and hobbies.


Their basic needs are met & they are being empowered through of gaining of knowledge. They are shown love & affection as their parents provide.  Their confidence level is high. They are developed both physically & psychologically and we hope they will become good & Productive citizens of India.  Daily they go to school with excitement.  The administration takes extra care to ensure their safety. Warden takes good care of the children. I hope that they will show humanity towards the community.

Baridabad Farm